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Monday, November 8, 2010

Kunzite Bangle!

A super short story...

A client called me on my mobile. After a few minutes of talking, I put the phone down and started on sketching on what the client wanted. It had to be light, cool colors and easy to wear. Had to have rough kunzite as the main star of the bangle. It was tough and I had to make 3 drawings before I emailed it for approval.

Here's the tricky part, after all the designs I made, my client said, "It's up to you."

I went ahead and discussed the design to our worker. After 4 weeks, it was completed and goodness gracious, I loved it. Crossing my fingers that my client loves it too.

I texted him to tell him that it is done. Yes, folks, HIM. This man is extra-ordinarily sweet to his wife that he opted to have a bangle made specifically for his wife rather than just buying something ready from the store. Sigh....What a sweetheart.

This is what I AVT is now wearing. Happy Anniversary!!!


  1. it's beautiful candy!

  2. lovely piece of art/jewelry!!!

    oh what a lovely husband as well!! luck lovely wife!!

    from the lovely j lo!!