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Friday, June 25, 2010


Ginny, my sister-in-law, whom we also refer to as The Oracle, has won numerous jewelry design competitions, locally and internationally. The Dizon family is so proud of her that we often joke about the fact that she stays in the family and my brother, Cedric leaves, in case of a break up. All their children of course, stays because they are oodles and boodles of joy.

Ginny has all the answers in the world, especially when it comes to problems with our Macs and iPhones and iPods. She can also answer all our questions as to how to cure illnesses from a mere cold to gout. She is a major believer of the Waldorf ways (Rudolf Steiner's way of education). She was able to recruit 5 of her nieces/nephews to become Waldorfians because of how impressed the parents are of how her kids are raised.

My parents love her to bits and I am quite sure that they too would rather keep Ginny than the Dizon sisters because we are good for nothing, spoiled and lazy brats compared to her.

She is a SUPER MAJOR VVIP in Healthy Options because she is all for natural and organic foods and medications. Maybe that's why she is so smart. In a way, having Ginny around is like having a HUMAN GOOGLE.

For her 31st Anniversary Collection, Ginny showcases her ROBOTIC skills by designing super and almost sold out RoboGems. Cute name huh? I thought of that. (hehehe)

Anyway, I guess I did enough sucking up to her maybe now she will help me fix my Flip Video.


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  1. These are soooo adorable!!! I like the ring robot!