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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Repost of Bahay Kubo.

We joined the First Design Competion by the Guild of Philippine Jewellers and asked all our workers to participate. I remember this goldsmith of ours. He was extremely nice and pleasant to work with. His name is Florante Pineda. He submitted his design and we were not surprised when we got a notice of his winning. After making his winning piece, we decided to honor him with a line of his design.

A few months later, Florante died of a tricycle accident. Not only did we lose a great goldsmith and designer, we also lost a friend. Here's to you FP!

This is his original design.

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  1. love it! Kudos to your talented team of designers and for promoting Filipino-inspired jewelry. Finding ways on how to promote our culture using our talent is always inspiring, keep up the great work...I hope to have my own JBDJ collection someday : )