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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gem Attraction.

When I think of flowers, I automatically associate them with butterflies. Since I was 3, it is always something that I always draw together. Butterflies are so much prettier than bees although we have made tons of bees as well as jewelry pieces.

As I was walking around the Pen store, I was looking at the stocks and noticed that we have quite a number of flowers and butterflies. I inspected them one by one and realized that my drawings from when I was three in scratch paper has become a gem of reality.

Jul B. Dizon has always been known for her Fleurs Collection and as legacy to her, we will never stop making pieces inspired by nature and her love for flowers and butterflies.

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  1. They are just SO BEAUTIFUL!!! to design jewelries is my secret and ultimate dream're inspiring me!! keep posting...i love it!!!