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Monday, August 1, 2011


It starts out with the materials.

The ROCKS this time were 15 strands of round amethyst beads and 2 carved jade pieces. I decided to make a necklace with an Oriental touch to it but without a lot of details and froo-froo. Just clean and simple lines will be enough to make a statement piece.

On PAPER, my pencil and Chinese food (for inspiration, you know) inspired me to draw this up and I instantly fell in love with it. My client would surely like and look great wearing it.

Coloring the design is very important so that the workers get a better idea of what you want the piece to look like.

It then goes to our goldsmith, stone setter and polisher. The beads go directly to our restringer and the final outcome took my breath away. I am happy. I feel like God. I guess all designers feel this way. Something that you just draw up will come to life. Something in the mind becomes something you can hold and touch and wear.

And on the NECK, this is what it looks like. How fun isn't it?

Thanks to MPdG for stripping in my store just so I can take this photo. BWA HA HA HA!

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