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Monday, February 21, 2011

Jul Dizon's JEWELBOTS!

Meet Fletcher. He's the cute and funny. He is half robot, half USB and 100% adorable. Made of silver with multi-shaped tourmalines and sapphires.

Boris is a tough guy. He's programmed to be much like Robocop. There's no soft spot in this one. Made of polki pyrite and black sapphires in silver.

Wanda is the girlfriend of Boris. I don't know how she can stand being with Boris. Guess it is because they are both tough. Don't mess with them.

This is PI, he is a secret keeper meaning inside his belly is a USB for your top secret files. Silver plated in gold with citrine head and white topaz body with white sapphires and cabochon tourmalines.

My ultimate favorite is Scott-T. He's most adorable with his checkered citrine face, diamond shaped chalcedony body. His abs and muscles are made of multi-colored sapphires and tourmalines. Check out his lovely pink and green tourmaline legs and feet. With all that wheels, he can take me anywhere!
If you are a party animal, this Jewelbot is for you! Disco Bot has a cabochon citrine head, amethyst body and white topaz feet, this baby knows how to move with moving hinges.
A musician, Huey likes to always keep his headphones on and creates music thru his super hi-tech intestines. He also loves his shoes. No wheels for this guy.

Douglas is all wired up. Too much coffee.

A very well rounded Jewelbot, Theta will surely be the first to get sold.
All designs are by Ginny Dizon. Each piece is handmade down to the tank like feet.

To read more about Jewelbots and Ginny's thoughts, please check out StyleBible.

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