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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shopaholic Bangles.

These bangles are not only conversational, they are personally designed according to your preference. I ask my clients what they love most doing and it's no question that all the women that I asked said shopping, so I created a bangle showing her doing what she does best.

After a few pieces, I expanded my horizon from just the mall to cities all over the world. Paris being a favorite. Pushing me further, my clients became really particular and wanted their dogs in it, their kids, even if they have 3, their husbands, a butler, balloons, their favorite bag (Hermes) and a whole lot more. One even wanted a bangle showing her playing in the CASINO! I had to make a slot machine, chandelier, wine glasses and all the chips she won. It has gotten crazy but the fun crazy kind. I always have fun turning an idea into something tangible and eventually a piece that my clients love and wear with pride.

Have yours made now.


  1. wow! the last bangle really rocks! would you be able to give me an estimate price for that? my wife would really love one.

  2. love that last bangle too...pls send me the price at in advance!

  3. Sorry, these are all sold. We make it personally according to your style.