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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jul Dizon @32, Janina's 3rd!

I know I have said this line before but this one takes the cake. This night is one I will never forget.

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery celebrated its 32nd Anniversary last Monday at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel.

Ginny and I worked on sampling the living wall at home. We learned the art of keeping the plants vertically attached to the wall which my Dad made for us. He's a genius when it comes to these things.

We spent hours and lots of man power trying to perfect the look that we want and by midnight, we achieved it. Took a photo and made our assistants remember how to do it properly. It was a lot of hard work but it was worth every second. Take a look at what Ginny did to our van. She got into trouble with my Dad.

In between the arranging of the living wall, we also were busy making sure that our designs come out the way we want them to. Ginny did inventory and pricing day and night and even later than night...thank God for coffee.

This show might have focused on us girls but we can never ever forget all the efforts that the men in our family has made. My Dad was constantly reminding us to continue Mom's legacy. To work with love, to love our work, to love our clients who will in the end love our work. My brothers Cedric and CJ are in charge of producing what YOU are wearing now. They supply the gold, silver and stones. They make sure that they are set properly and cleaned thoroughly. Penny is our adopted brother who assists CJ inside the workshop. He was CJ's classmate since grade school and has now become a very strong pillar in our business.

Anne and Lucille handled Shangri-la. As they continued to make awesome designs, they also made sure that EDSA Shangri-la is prepared to what Jul B. Dizon Jewellery will soon do to their ballroom. Janina critiqued and made necessary adjustments to make the event perfect.

Our staff....boy, they really lived up to our expectations. They worked very hard to make things run properly and smoothly during the show.

Before I post photos, let me give them a BIG shout out to all that made this event a success, aside from the clients, of course. THANK YOU JUL B. DIZON, my Mom who paved the way in securing the lives of all our workers. She trained us how to work well, with honesty and integrity. She left us with a thousand clients who believed first in her talent and skills before passing it on to us, her children. She made us believe that the jewellery industry in the Philippines is globally competitive if not better. We didn't make Jul B. Dizon Jewellery a success, Jul B. Dizon made us a success.

To all our workers, good job. Expect a huge bonus. You all deserve it.

To my siblings, we've been through a lot together but we made it. Even without Mom's physical presence, we made it. I am so happy.

And to you, our most valued clients. If I am very grateful to our workers, imagine how grateful I am for your support throughout the years. I thank you for believing in supporting local products and designers. Salamat na marami.

To those who missed it, this is for you.


Notice the photos of the van above. This is what came out of it. Dad eventually forgave Ginny. This is the Dizon living wall that we stayed up all night making, with our staff of course.

More to follow.


  1. love the green walls! i think d&g used the same look for their menswear spring 2011....

  2. That wall is so beautiful. What did you do so they did not wilt fast?

  3. Ginny bought the flowers and plants 6 am of Monday morning. The roses we had to stick in oasis so it can absorb water through the night. The flowers are still alive until now. :)