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Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Bloom.

My mom has always loved working with flowers, whether they be in carved precious stones or the real thing. She truly enjoyed herself whenever she makes an arrangement to give to her special friends/clients.

Our farm in Siniloan has so much flowers that she tended to when she's there. She would take hours talking to them while trimming them. My dad is in charge of watering them.

This is one of her designs that we all love. It's got an assortment of stones like Amethyst, Coral, Sapphires, New Jade, Turquoise, Diamonds and Citrine. It is mounted on 14 karat yellow gold and falls beautifully on the neck.

This pair of flower earrings is made of pink agate with multi-colored sapphires. It has a detachable white coral drop with pink sapphires. Mounted in 14 karat rose gold.