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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Garden in the Making.

You know how I love my bangles.

When a client of mine came in the store and lay upon my table about a thousand colored stones that she wanted me to create for her a Garden themed bangle, I was delighted to see how much raw materials I had to work with. Having an abundance of assorted sizes, colors and shapes of stones is what makes designing easy. I am not too restricted with my design because I can be as extravagant as I want to be knowing I have ample supply of goodies.

Just to show you how the process is, I have somewhat documented the steps into making my Whimsical Bangle. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1, sketch the design. Make sure your sketch is almost actual size of the stones. That way, the client and the goldsmith can imagine the look of the bangle.
To make sure that it is almost actual size, you can lay the stones on top of the design for a clearer picture.

Step 2: When all the stones are on top of the sketch, take a photo so that your goldsmith can visualize what you want.

Step 3: If everything is a go, I give the order to my workers and they will start working on the parts. They will set the stones, polish and when done, I take a photo so I can show you!

The finished product?

When worn.

I am happy that the owner is very happy with the outcome. It is always a pleasure to give pleasure.

Making Noise with Turquoise!

As I have said before, turquoise is what reminds me most of Mom. She loves this color and would wear it when she is all in white and the color just popped out.

Here's a few that I want to share with you Turquoise lovers!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Put a Ring On It!

Fresh from the oven, these 2 rings are my Favorite of the Month.

This dome ring consists of hundreds of rose cut diamonds of yellow, white and with a tinge of green. I love the way it looks on my finger.

This moonstone ring is surrounded by blue topaz and yellow sapphires and mounted in yellow gold. I love the color combination and the size of the moonstone.

Thank you CL for trusting me to design and choose the colors! I hope you like it as much as I do!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Last Hurrah for 2010.

As you know, all our pieces are handmade and specially designed and crafted to fit our most valued clients. So when CYT asked me to design and make a bangle for her, I told her that it might not make it before Christmas because what i had in mind was something that needed a thousand diamonds and a specific casing for assorted shaped pearls. This was going to take at least a month and a half.

But then she gives me a sad face and tells me her desire to wear it on her birthday on Christmas eve.

Let's just say, it's hard to say no to this girl. So here it is, our last delivery for 2010 which we are all love and are proud of.